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Friday, January 07, 2005
  4th of July Massacre
I'll be surprised if 50 Cent makes it through this summer alive. I said it last year and I'll say it again this dude doesn't want to live. I know it hurts with everyone turning on him but he did it to himself. After getting cosigned on his way to the top, by almost everybody, he's finding he has few friends. 50, I know it f*ck*d you up to see all those rappers in Ja's New York video, but doggy there ain't no loyalty and it's lonely at the top. N*gg*s know you're grimy. You turned on Nas after he took you under his wing, now he's not feeling you. Fredro Starr along with Bang 'Em Smurf and his crew despise you. Vivica don't f*ck with you. Samuel L. Jackson doesn't even want to get money with you. You played yourself. It's like the Jigga/Nas beef. N*gg*s wanted to see Jay fall just because he was the top dog. G-Unit stooge The Game is in Fab's "Breathe" video and he knows Fab and Desert Storm f*ck with Joe Budden. That's probably because Budden already said his beef is directly with 50, not the rest of the Five Heartbeats (G-Unit) on All Access DVD (true story). I guess The Game is making sure he still has a career after G-Unit crumbles. But then again he's still got Dre's backing.
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