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Sunday, January 23, 2005
  Eedris Abdulkareem vs. 50 Cent

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"Who's Eedris Abdulkareem?", you ask. Remember when 50 Cent got into it with a Nigerian rapper in Lagos, Nigeria. If not, read it here. Anyway, this is what he had to say on his website:

Yes, sincerely 50 cents came to Nigeria like other African-American stars and there has never been any break down in communication before now. you all know that Africans welcome all stars be He or She, black or white, pink or blue ---- Africa is the Mother colour ----- THE RAINBOW COLOUR----. 50 cents and I (Eedris Abdulkareem), had performed together at two venues ( Abuja and Lagos), and sincerely each time his securities have presented themselves as "Rabble--Rousers", they came out "Rabbit chassing". At the back stage where dressing rooms are design for all the stars ( Artistes), the act was hijacked by some boys scout olaying the "john wayne".
THINGS GOT TO A PITIABLE HALT IN THE PLANE WHEN 50 CENTS MEN CHASED EVERYBODY TO THE TAIL-END OF THE PLANE IN ORDER TO LIVE LARGE. I came later and sitting in an appropriate space whilst i catch a snooze. I was rudely woken up in a neck hold. Infront of me was a 50cents man asking me to " beat it". I could'nt expect a star to treat another star so. By this time they had punched my attendant in the face giving him instant "black eye", He is still in the hospital.
Let all African-American realise that Rap music is against VIOLENCE. We look forward to having 50cents in Nigeria, without his chicken security who fled at a boo

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