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Monday, January 17, 2005
  Rap News: Beef in 2005 Part 1

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule and The Inc.

Everyone probably thought this beef ended when Ja Rule's music career did but really that left Ja fiending for revenge. At this point he has nothing to lose. Ja knows he'll never sell units like he used to so the only thing he can do is try to destroy what 50's built. Predicted Outcome: Check for Ja Rule on the Surreal Life in 2 years.

50 Cent vs. Jadakiss

50 Cent told Funkmaster Flex he ain't feeling the fact that Jadakiss was on a song with Ja Rule, all while knowing Dmx don't f*ck with Ja Rule. Think about this. 50 knows Ja's song New York is directed at him. If you peep Jadakiss verse he say some pretty strong sh*t like, word that n*gg*s wanna murk you is in the air. Predicted Outcome: Yo that's some other shit. 50 is a fucking brat. Talking 'bout, "You did a song with Ja, you can't do that, X is ya man". Shut the hell up. Anyway Jadakiss is the rapper everyone in the rap game is depending on to smash 50. Don't ever believe that these mofo's like 50. The first time anybody really heard 50 Cent was in "How To Rob". They haven't forgot that shit. The thing is 50 built his own spot in the game so it's hard for them to get at him. This is gonna be a good one and I might be wrong but look for 50 Cent to triumph.

50 Cent vs. Fat Joe

50 Cent got offended after he heard Fat Joe dickriding Ja Rule's frisbee Blood in My Eye on Smack Dvd. His feature on Ja's single New York didn't help. For real Murda Inc. was on the same shitthey didn't want people doing songs with 50 when he first came out. Fat Joe's ghostwriters are always throwing subliminals at the kid. Predicted Outcome: Listen Fat Joe doesn't write his own rhymes. His ghostwriters are probably throwing subliminals on purpose so they can get more work. Here's some lines from 50's song "Piggybank". 50's a f*ck*ng comedian so this will be good. If 50 doesn't get his *ss whupped first he'll win.

T.I. vs. Lil Flip

I guess this started when T.I., self proclaimed 'King Of The South', got locked up and says he heard Lil Flip did a show in Atlanta and said some comments about T.I. before he performed his hit "Game Over". He's had Flip in his sights ever since. They've both made songs about each other but this beef gets little attention. Predicted Outcome: Lil Flip's not really a battle rapper so you know who wins on the lyrical side but T.I. lost credibility when he deaded the beef with Ludacris.

T.I vs. Ludacris

Looks like T.I. saw someone in a TrapWear shirt getting stomped in one of Ludacris' videos. T.I.'s album name at the time, Trap Music. T.I. ended up dropping some lines directed at Luda on Young Buck's joint Stomp. G-Unit kept it gangsta, let Ludacris hear it and asked him if he wanted to get on the track. Luda did and it was on. Now this is where it gets sweet, on some Chingy sh*t. They got in contact and squashed it. I don't know, why didn't he squash the beef with Lil Flip and keep this one going. Luda would be more of a challenge. Predicted Outcome: This one was supposed to be dead but just recently if you went to Ludacris' website you got redirected to T.I.'s joint. I guess it spread to the internet.

Chingy vs. Nelly

This one started when Chingy took some lyrics Nelly said in his song personally. Both of these guys are pranksters to me. This is Beef Lite. Predicted Outcome:We all know what happened with Chingy and the transvestite. How can you beef in this game if you and The Git It Boys are practicing homosexual sh*t in public. Man Please! Nelly will win when he distibutes the pictures. Matter fact, the whole video.

Chingy vs. Ludacris

Chingy said DTP fucked him out of some money. I don't believe the shit. Chingy's obviously a flaky dude not to mention has homo tendencies. He probably fucked with Luda and DTP just to get his name out there. He knew he was gonna skate. His sneaky ass always slipping some shit about Git It Boys in every song. They're homoistic too. Predicted Outcome: I don't feel Ludacris is as ill as everyone says he is but he'll still chew Chingy. Plus Chingy's on some whole other shit.

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