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Friday, January 21, 2005
  Rap News: Beef in 2005 Part 2

50 Cent vs. Shyne Po

When Shyne got locked up, everybody in the industry jumped on his d*ck and wanted to sign him. 50 shot him an offer, as well as Irv Gotti and The Inc. 50 Cent even made a reference in one of his songs about bouncers searching him at the door of the club because "he might shoot this m*th*rf*ck*r up like Shyne." Then Irv went around saying he had signed Shyne, just like he did with Nas during the Jay-Z beef. 50 Cent took offense and immediately started dissing Shyne on mixtapes. Shyne came back with a muffled song he recorded on the phone from Rikers. The truth was Shyne didn't sign he just made a terrible song with The Inc.'s very own R&B Princess Ashanti called "Jimmy Choo."
Predicted Outcome:I don't think Shyne can afford to really focus on beef with 50 Cent, I'm sure his mind is on watching his back and changing his living conditions as soon as possible. 50 on the other hand supposedly is still dissing Shyne in his unreleased track "Piggybank." 50 will win this one just because he's in a better position to fight.

Eminem vs. Ray Benzino

Ray Benzino has a serious problem with Eminem, supposedly because he's pulling an Elvis Presley on us. Now I won't say he's not but damn, Benzino is half white and Dave Mays, who co-owns The Source with him is white, so whatever. They been sh*tt*ng on each other in songs and in the press. Both also made dumb videos about Proof getting shot.
Predicted Outcome: Eminem will win this one hands down in the end because of Benzino's lack of credibility on the subject and absence of any talent whatsoever when it comes to rapping.

Pastor Mase vs. The Diplomats

Cam'ron and the Dips have had a problem with Mase ever since he retired. Cam's beef is that Mase let a whole lot of people down when he unexpectedly retired from the game. Sh*t, at least 5 or 6 of his friends, Harlem World and others, were supposed to ride Mase's coattails to stardom. After his retirement Mase's fanbase stopped checking for Harlem World. Loon went on to Bad Boy and eventually started an independent label. The fat one got dissed by Jay-Z and eventually ended up penning lyrics for Benzino. The rest who knows. I wonder why they're not down with Cam and The Dips now.
Predicted Outcome: After going up to N.Y.'s Hot 97 to talk about his new album and other things, the conversation changed to Mase's dealings with Cam and his clique and their current relationship. Jim Jones ended up calling the station. Anyway Mase was basically threatened with getting his kufi smacked off by Jim Jones if he didn't tell the truth about how extortion was the real reason he left Harlem for Atlanta. He also talked about how Mase abandoned and turned his back on Cam'ron, Jim Jones and basically everybody in Harlem. Then Cam called to say his real beef with Mase was that Mase was basically a liar. There was no $50,000 for the Horse and Carriage video, blah blah blah. So far it looks like Cam'ron wins this one. How is a pastor gonna beef with some street n*gg*s? Not to mention The Diplomats even performed in place of Mase at his own Welcome Back concert in New York. Mase hasn't really been heard of or seen since.

Jay-Z vs. Damon Dash

There have been rumors about the rift between Jay-Z and Dame for awhile. People have been talking about them not really f*ck*ng with each other since Jay bagged Beyonce. And I know you remember those early rumors about S. Carter Records or whatever. Well it seems like the beef is official with M.O.P. making comments about them not wanting to pick sides between the two. Memphis Bleek and others chose to stay with Jay, while Dame will have control of other unnamed artists.
Predicted Outcome: Dame can't flow and I doubt Jay-Z is gonna come at him on a track. This one might stay private and be decided on an executive level by whoever's artists sell more records. But Dame got a big *ss mouth so you know eventually we'll hear something, in the end I think Jay-Z will probably triumph because if you really think about it who besides Jay-Z and Kanye West have ever done real big numbers for Rocafella?

Littles vs. Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep already has no street credibility and it really hurts when a former friend and manager comes at you, calling you a p*ssy among other things. After Prodigy's producer/friend Alchemist was robbed by some of Littles' Queens associates right in front of Littles, Prodigy basically deaded Littles, not calling him for weeks. When he finally did Littles informed P that Alchemist was a grown man and had to hold himself down. Littles also got into some sh*t about how Alchemist resells beats he sold in the industry to n*gg*s in the hood. That's never a good thing. They both ended up making songs coming at each other.
Predicted Outcome:The fact that more people have heard of Mobb Deep hurts Littles in this one. And how can you beef when no one's really checking for either side? Either way Mobb Deep wins this one because of Littles' anonymity.
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