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Sunday, January 30, 2005
  Rap News: Mc Eiht

mc eigt
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Why the f* ck am I just finding out about this sh*t. This n*gg* just had another album out? That's my n*gg*, yo. He straight wildin' in this interview on thaformula.com. Talking about, "I'm just trying to reintroduce myself to niggaz who didn't think that real gangsta shit was still out there. Just trying to make a significant point with this record to give niggaz a refresher course from all that bling blingin' and hip drillin' and bullshit that don't make no sense. You know fake niggaz you know who are runnin' around claiming sets and throwing up blood signs and wearing rags when I been going to New York for tha last 12 years and never seen gang bangin' until a couple of years ago". He saying some real sh*t in this one, even mentioning 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones and Ja Rule. You could tell he's kinda bitter though when he says, "Everything went to bling blingin' and you know Cash Money and you know big planes and big fur coats and platinum watches and Gold. Tha aspect kind of changed a little bit. I mean...... Rap just got fucked up you know." Sh*t, I feel him though. He say what the f*ck he feel. Damn, he straight sh*tt*d on Cam'ron and them again right here.

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Rap News: Mc Eiht