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Thursday, January 13, 2005
  Rap News Music Review: "The Documentary"

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The Documentary could have been a hot *ss album. A lot of the beats was crazy. And that 50 track, damn, duke really got me waiting to hear his next sh*t. There's only one problem. The Game. The Game really thinks he's the sh*t. Why? I don't know. He never really gets around to that part. I think back when he first listened to all the greats and crafted his style, he heard how hot he was and it f*ck*d his head up or something. Man I could see the n*gg* sitting there watching Juice, Menace To Society and Boyz in the Hood back to back, with Reasonable Doubt bumping in his headphones, Straight Outta Compton blasting on the stereo and 2 copies of The Source in each hand. Everytime something happened to him he'd write an entry in his little red journal with a title of the latest Pac or Big song that came out written right under it. This mofo actually goes as far as to tell you how long he's been rapping down to the days, minutes and seconds. So what? And through that whole m*th*rf*ck*ng time you ain't said sh*t I wanted to hear. The Game can't drop monotone metaphors like Lloyd Banks, he can't get you amped off his passion and make you feel him like Young Buck and he probably can't even get locked up behind some dumb sh*t and make you laugh like Tony Yayo. What he can do is tell you which rappers he's a mixture of or where he was when Biggie dropped "Me and My B*tch" or which famous people he knows or how raw he is. Yo for real, for real Dr. Dre could have been helping Eminem on that Tupac album or even finishing Busta Rhymes album.


A standard Dre intro. So far so good.

Westside Story

I'm sure everyone heard this one already. 50 cent basically shines on The Game and only sings the chorus. Game contradicts himself by saying the West never fell off then in the same verse says he's bringing CA back.


You could say this is the beginning of The Game's drop everyone's name bullsh*t. Game must think he can bring his name up with people we loved who died and it'll just slip in there and nobody'll notice. Kanye West on the track.

Hate it or Love it

Let me just say 50's album is gonna be that sh*t. He ripped this. He even talks about seeing his mom kiss another woman. I can't stand Disco Inferno but otherwise 50 still got it. Game might not have been on that track. I don't know.


Another track that's already out there. Stupid beat.

How We do

I gotta sick ven-detta/to get this chedda/meet my ba-retta/the drama setta/sip ama-retta/my flow sound betta/than average, exactly 50. And Game is exactly that, average.

Don't need your love

Hot beat and decent rhymes, matter fact the best by The Game so far. Nevertheless he still avoids saying anything meaningful.

Church For Thugs

Isn't this the name of a Trick Daddy song? Game, spit those damn marbles out your mouth before you get in front of the mic! Speaking of mumbling, is that him or 50 on the chorus? Well f*ck it, 50 wrote it either way. Just Blaze is the truth man, I can't wait for Saigon!

Put You On The Game

Question: Somebody tell me why is Timbaland still producing sh*t?

Start From Scratch

A song obviously co-written by 50 Cent featuring the other fat chick from Floetry. Game is almost listenable when 50 writes his sh*t.

The Documentary

Way too many f*ck*ng names dropped. He lets Jay-Z know that Maybach comment was aimed at Ja not him. Great. At least he did a song with Mary Blige. Good for you. He goes on to name mad people. His moms. Calvin Broadus. Nas and his pops. Mason. Faith. Ed Lover and Monie Love. Shyne. Puff. Busta Rhymes. Ice Cube. Hittman. Truth Hurts. Rakim. Xzibit. Dogg Pound. Guerilla Black. Dr. Dre. R. Kelly. Pac and Big. This is the title track of his album, mind you.


What the f*ck happened to Hi Tek? This sh*t is horrible. I wonder if he fell off or is Game just that bad. Yayo sounds like sh*t. I used to really like that dude.

No More Fun and Games

Just Blaze again. Wow. This beat is straight fire. As for you Game, I don't care what you were doing when Pac dropped All Eyes On Me.

We Ain't

Eminem catches the mumbling bug on this one, sounding just like Game. And Game returns the favor and tries to rhyme like him. This beat is trash but it's still not worse than the beats Em did for Tupac's album.

Where I'm From

You know he had to get Nate Dogg, being that he's from the west coast, but isn't that formula been done to death. Either way this song is a throwaway.


50 Cent ghostwrites again, Nate Dogg sings again.

Don't Worry

Oh, this is the one with Mary J. Here's one for the n*gg*s in the pen. And here goes Game f*ck*ng it up rhyming about some totally other sh*t. He just doesn't get it. I think the worst time to hear Game is on the same track with somebody else. But then again I can't listen to a whole track of this dude by himself.

Like Father, Like Son

Good idea for a song. Terrible execution by The Game. Busta Rhymes is on the chorus sounding fierce.

All in all this album got some ill *ss beats. I see they really tried to follow the formula for a successful commercial rap album. They bought alot of top or top at one time producers and got some high profile features. That's still not enough to cover up the fact that The Game is straight trash. He says he just started rhyming two years ago and it's obvious. Game, if you're gonna sit on the throne (HA!) you can't just lazily repeat sh*t some other rapper said, Lil Flip already does that and damn well. Why would someone go around bragging about there lack of experience anyway? My main beef with The Game is he can tell you better than he can show you. Oh yeah and lack of content. And a weak delivery.

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