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Thursday, January 20, 2005
  Rap News Review: The Come Up Part 2 Mixtape DVD

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The Come Up DVD Volume 2

Yo that The Come Up DVD Vol. 2 is fire. Dirty Money CEO Fendi takes you through the hood, lets you see Times Square and gives you a behind the scenes with different rappers and industry insiders. Dirty Money rapper Gravy gets to shine when he performs his joint "U Already Know". I ain't gonna lie I thought he was another Biggie knockoff but dude is official. Gravy also has an interview with Mixtape DJ Kay Slay that's funny as hell. The streets of Brooklyn stand up on this one. You get mixtape murderer Red Cafe chilling on 19th St. with a 645 BMW discussing his deal, where Shyne used to live and where he got shot. He even says a Rest In Peace for the n*gg* who did it. I told you this sh*t is hood. His freestyle is hot too. They got 50 Cent and G-Unit's performance at Summer Jam where they get into it with former G-Unit capo Bang 'Em Smurf and his clique. 50 starts taking off his jewelry, screams, "Y'all some b*tch *ss n*gg*s" and almost jumps in the crowd when they start throwing chairs and sh*t at him. Of course you got a couple of freak chicks shaking *ss and talking about the nasty sh*t they do in the next scene. Jadakiss walks through NYC and signs autographs. There's appearances from Lil Jon, The Game, Fabolous, Usher, Elephant Man, Kanye West, UTP, Foxy Brown, Floyd Mayweather, Nick Van Exel, Jalen Rose, Styles P., Juvenile and Trick Daddy. Jae Millz talks about his label deals and freestyles some raw sh*t. I have to say the best parts are all the freestyles. You got Cory Gunz, a 16 year old prodigy, who's already better than his father Peter Gunz. Lux, a sick up and coming rapper, and a freestyle from Houston rapper Slim Thug. Underground rapper Uncle Murda and The GMG get gully as well. The funniest sh*t is when they talk to Suge and Kurupt, who's looking scared as hell of Suge, and Suge makes Kurupt talk then makes a comment about only f*ck*ng with gutter Brooklyn n*gg*s like Gravy and not f*ck*ng with Hollywood Brooklyn rappers(Jay-Z?). The thing that's ill is you get to see everybody acting natural as hell without handlers and managers and all that sh*t. Mixtape DVDs like The Come Up are the future. Cop it right here at Hip Hop Dvd Spot.

I'm feelin how much Fendi mean mugs the camera. I felt like I was watching a Dirty Money infomercial.
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Rap News Review: The Come Up Part 2 Mixtape DVD