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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  Rap News: Top Ten Dead or Alive in no particular order and with at least 2 albums(to be con.)
  1. Jay-z : Consistency is the key here. Dude went from not being able to get a deal to the president of the top rap label in less than 10 years. His flow is sick and everybody wants to be the Jay-z of their respective region or just plain ride d*ck including T.I., Slim Thug, Lil Wayne, and the list could go on for days.
  2. Tupac: Birthed mad wannabees and not just in the industry. Walk down any street in the hood (or suburb) and you will see mad replicas. Pac had mad passion and had herb rappers shook. It's sad what Pac's mom let Eminem do with that last album. What the hell was that accordion sh*t on that Hennessey track? And why did they twist his voice to say G-Unit and other sh*t? 50, Dre, Em and the rest of them don't care about sh*t but the money. I'll deal with that in a future post though.
  3. Notorious B.I.G.: He had mad natural charisma and probably the illest flow ever. Everytime you watch a documentary or some old clips of him you immediately see why n*gg*s was open off him. He was cool as hell and reminds you of that neighborhood drug dealer everybody wanted to hang around. You could tell you would get mad girls just by rolling with dude. I see why mad rappers are on his d*ck to this day. He just had what they call it. On some real sh*t though he started that King Of New York sh*t and n*gg*s is still trying to be that to this day. Just look at 50, Jay, and Fat Joe. Matter fact don't look at Fat Joe.
  4. Nas: Some say he fell off, some say he's the best. Questionable beat selection and bad career moves seem to keep Nas from really achieving that number 1 spot. His flow is fire and he can get deeper than most though. Sh*t, listen to Godson or Stillmatic or IIlmatic or Street's Disciple or Lost Tapes Or It Was Written, just don't listen to Nastradamus or I Am.
  5. Eminem: You knew he would make it on this list. Only thing I feel is holding Em back is corny song concepts and wack beats. Eminem, stay in front of the mic, don't f*ck with the boards, please. Superior wordplay and the fact that he is a white boy put him on this list. I'm not like those corny music mags that call him the illest just because he's white, but you gotta give it to him, to be white and still be that talented at rap is amazing. It's the equivalent of seeing a black Olympic Curling Champion.
what about kiss?
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Rap News: Top Ten Dead or Alive in no particular order and with at least 2 albums(to be con.)