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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
  Rap News: Who's Next Part 2 and Other Questions (to be con.)
  1. Saigon: released in 1999 after a 7 year bid, Saigon got a huge buzz from releasing two mixtapes and "Warning Shots" and eventually signed with Just Blaze new label Ft. Knox Entertainment, some call him the future, some say he gets by on his street cred, But will Just Blaze be scared to tell him every beat he rhymes over sounds the same?
  2. Cory Gunz: 16 and little n*gg* got flows out the *ss, you gotta hear this kid, he's better than his dad was and he says he's only been rapping for two years, he just got a deal with Casablanca/Universal, Wonder if he's gonna ghostwrite for his pops?
  3. Stack Bundles: What the f*ck is Squad Up? I thought those was the n*gg*s who dipped out on Lil Wayne for calling Baby his 'daddy', this Far Rockaway, Queens native won't blow you away with his rhyming but he's pretty good at making up funny names for himself like 'Seymour Cake'
  4. Purple City Byrdgang: DipSet that Purple City Birdgang, hardbody that Purple City Birdgang, that sh*t is catchy as hell, I just don't know if it's gonna sell that much, these Harlem cats are creative as hell with the designs on their cd covers and ill names like Don Bishop Agallah, Un Casa and The Emperor Sheist Bub, they just signed to independent label BabyGrande, but all I want to know is Does the Byrdgang still got that piff?
  5. J.R. Writer: 'The Ethiopian', 'Dominican Prince', whatever he calls himself, people say he tries to sound like Cam'ron but dukes flow is weak as hell, especially when he uses the same word in 5 consecutive lines even though the word can only mean one thing, talking about I slaughtered the slaughter/who slaughtered the slaughter, man What the f*ck does that mean?
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Rap News: Who's Next Part 2 and Other Questions (to be con.)