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Thursday, January 06, 2005
  Rap News: Who's Next Up in The Rap Game and Other Questions (to be con.)
  1. Papoose: this little n*gg* got mad flows, check for this kid on StreetSweepers and other mixtapes, he's official, But how far is KaySlay gonna be able to take him?
  2. Maino: he got studio thugs from New York (especially Brooklyn) shook, the industry is real scared of this one, Remember that kid that could whup everybody's *ss back in middle school? well he's out of prison and is about to get a deal
  3. Slim Thug: Still Tippin' is that sh*t, But is he really that hot? watch how over the next couple of months everyone associated with making any money off this dude begins talking about him like he is the Jay-Z of Houston, I guarantee you'll be hearing about how he has his own label, used to hustle, got a Bentley, drinks Cris all the time, had dough before he began rapping, etc. So What! that same promotion sh*t is getting boring and repetitive as hell, either you got shot mad times or you was "really getting it out there and flipped it to the rap game",
  4. The Game: They gotta be kidding with this one , right? his story is so damn stupid, anybody who's really paying attention can tell this whole situation is fake as hell, the Change of Heart appearance, the tongue ring (is it rusty?), his G-Unit affiliation out of nowhere, his late start at gangbanging (he was like 18 or 19), his internet thuggery,sh*t this n*gg*'s hollow as hell and my n*gg* , the truth is ya voice is mad muffled and ya flow is not from Yonkers, it's from Poughkeepsie
  5. Joe Budden: This list was for rappers without solo albums, but his was hardly memorable, so here goes, support from Dame, beef with 50 and them, and being signed to the Roc (or what's left of it) , Will this give this classic example of a hip hop underachiever a chance to at least go gold?
  6. Jae Millz: 'What de bombaclaat?' he tried to come with the reggae-tinged (read: Jamaican bandwagon jumping) first single, "No, No, No," but the sh*t went nowhere, due to Elephant Man wearing n*gg*s patience thin with the 3 or 4 remixes of "Get Low" that all sounded the same, but I gotta say, did you see homie on Smack DVD talking about, "Can you hear me, Big ? ", that was some classic sh*t, you gotta love this n*gg*, he is hot, on another subject, remember when Shyne had that Jamaican first single "Bad Boys" w/ Barrington Levy?, OOOW-WOE-OO-OO-BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BIBBITY-WOE-OO-OO-SWING!! Don't even stunt, that was that sh*t
  7. Murda Mook: can be seen chewing n*ggas on every Smack DVD, Jae Millz loss to Murda Mook gave him legitimacy and he pretty aight too, he'll tear ya *ss in a battle "But will he be able to make a successful album?"
  8. Gravy: I haven't heard much from this Dirty Money dude, but when I saw him on The Come Up DVD I asked myself, Damn, is this another fake B.I.G.?, but as opposed to Guerilla Black, he seems to be getting cosigned by some ill rappers, like Foxy Brown, Ha!
  9. Shells: this dude has not impressed me once and I heard him a couple of times, I just can't last thru a whole song of his and could somebody tell him to stop saying, "unsigned put a mil up, rappers put your deal up", if you don't have a deal, where are you gonna get a mil, you idiot, Do you really believe all these m*therf*ck*rs who say, "they been had cake way before this rap sh*t"?, no matter what this sh*t is called, Shells, You Are Not Up Next!
  10. Graph: this n*gg* is fire, BlackHand, Rocafella, stand up, Oh Sh*t, Rocafella is a wrap, damn, they go sign all these m*th*rf*ck*rs just to make the Roc worth more when they sell it to Def Jam, that's all hood, but What does the future hold for Graph? who knows, but his flow is the closest thing to the truth out of all these dudes
  11. Jae Hood: he can flow and looks like a mouse besides that I ain't got sh*t to say about him except, damn How far can ya career go when Sheek Louch runs the company you're signed to and does Diddy get some of his publishing too?
Mainos gonna whup your ass. And that shit about Jae hood, damn you funny as hell.
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Maino really did just get out the joint. I didn't even know that when I wrote this post.
That nigga J-Hood is the truth he has hood cred like the rest of them d-block boyz.Dont hate on Sheek u just have to Walk Witt Him
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Rap News: Who's Next Up in The Rap Game and Other Questions (to be con.)