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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  Selfish Mofo's
People from the hood know it's certain things they gotta do to get that cake. And I'm not talking about the obvious. There are other hustles. So tell me why I'm listening to Kanye the other day and heard him saying some sh*t he shouldn't have. Son, some of us are still living in the hood and still gotta do this sh*t, so why the hell you putting n*gg*s on blast in your lazy *ss rhymes? Truthfully, he ain't the first or the only one but still. He was just real blatant and he's in the news like crazy right now. Plenty other rappers do it too. I'll deal with them later, but Kanye, we don't need you hipping squares and lames to everything. Do these selfish M.F.ing rappers realize everybody ain't caked up? F*ck You! Then they wonder why they can't come back to the hood. Certain sh*t gotta be kept on the low. I'm sure you got aunties and cousins and sh*t that are still out there. So act like it.
Yo thats true as hell. I've been saying that for a minute. It's like after they make it forget everybody else.
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