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Friday, January 28, 2005
  The Tsunami Song Sh*t
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If you live under a rock or stay O.T. (outta town), here's the story. Miss Jones, Todd Lynn, the one who said he was gonna "start shooting Asians", DJ Envy and Miss Info all do The Morning Show for Hot 97.1 in New York. I guess one of them (not Miss Info) came up with the smart idea of making a song with some pretty f*ck*d up lyrics about the tsunami that's supposed to parody "We Are The World". Mofos is mad and they should be because that sh*t is f*ck*d up. And you know what? The sh*t's not even funny, and not because the tsunami was tragic and all that, it's really just not funny. Hear it here. They've all been suspended indefinitely and a couple of sponsors pulled ads. hiphopmusic.com and trickology.com both have interviews with Todd Lynn. He says they used his voice out of context and if you really listen it does sound like the sh*t just came out of nowhere. But I don't know. Oh yeah and Jin came out with a song dissing all of them. Hear it on allhiphop.com. Note- Sorry to say it after he defended his race and sh*t, but every thing I've ever heard from Jin has been trash. Did you hear that wack sh*t he did with his pops on the hook talking about he sells Chinese food and shit? That was basically a mockery of Nas' sh*t with his pops. Add that to the "Chinaman" song and you've got a f*ck*ng regular Chinese "Wierd Al" Yankovic.
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