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Monday, January 03, 2005
  What does Cam Mean?

It's on now. Since this is my first post let me get this out the way. There are a lot of people(three basic groups are dealt with here) that got a lot of sh*t to say about hip hop and rap. It seems like half probably started listening to it a couple of years ago. A third can't relate to or understand what's being said, but they still cop it heavy and always got some sh*t to say. I'm not just talking about the little white kid at Roosevelt Field Mall I saw awhile back copping Nelly's Sweat and Suit and talking about him being part of rap history. I'm really addressing the philosophical phrase using, ebonics f*ck*ng up, loving ignorant sh*t, acting like hip hop is so important to them mofo's. Doggy, we know you been in college for like six years, got two black friends and you're deep as hell but please SHUT THE F*CK UP. Newsflash-You don't know sh*t! Not to make you feel bad, but here's an honest question: Do you really know what the hell your favorite mc is saying? These raps are deeper than you know. Alot of the sh*t is meant for people who live certain lifestyles that you know nothing about. You may find albums like Cam's Purple Haze funny, interesting, witty, clever and just plain over the top but this is for real. The misogyny, drug dealing and general negativity are all ways of life to some. Matter fact, another blog touched on this exact subject, basically saying white people ain't gotta live this sh*t they just get to listen, laugh and make dumb blog postings co-opting his slang. Well, I know and chill with dudes who really lived some of the things him and others are talking about. And no I don't think living the way they did was right and I'm not glorifying it. The point is Cam's music is for hustlers, pimps and other people living the street life. Some people like to talk about how white exec's (and some black rappers) are getting rich promoting this, that, and the third but the truth is some people I know listen and buy this sh*t because they relate to it. They might only buy the bootleg but still. They don't listen to it for the shock value, they really do these things. There are also women who don't like the way they talk about and portray females. Others respect game. I know females in and from the so-called hood and they seem to understand why rappers say these things. Newsflash-some women(not all) are really like that. They have no self respect. I guess it has something to do with growing up without a father and other f*ck*d up stuff, but 80% of the time the mom dukes was f*ck*d up in the head anyway but that's a whole nother story. Alas, you have the suburbanite, herbish, scared of the hood black dude who lives vicariously thru rappers. Newsflash-get a life. If you seen or had to experience some of the sh*t rappers talk about up close and personal, you'd sh*t ya pants. Truth is you really don't know sh*t either. Tupac once said "My lyrics is blueprint to money-making" and its true. Which brings me to my next post, which talks about how selfish some rappers are with the lyrics they write.

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