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Friday, February 18, 2005
  Crooked I Needs Protection

Sh*t's crazy. This gotta be the dumbest n*gg* in the game, besides Kurupt. Dude already knew all the sh*t Suge Knight would put a m*th*rf*ck*r through, from making a n*gg* drink piss to sonning you out by smacking fire out of you in public to getting you jumped to making you wait years without dropping an album to sliding a herb 5 grand to steal on you on national T.V. and the list goes on and on. But he still chose to sign with him. Now he has to get a restraining order against Suge, effectively ending the rap career he never had by destroying his own street credibilty. Damn. And you know what? Even though Tony Yayo really did get the order of protection against Murda Inc. so he could get a settlement and chill, 50 denied the sh*t. This idiot admits to it. Somebody forgot to tell him this rap sh*t is all about image. And that ain't a good look.
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