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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
  Franchising Rap: The American Way

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So I'm talking to some dude I used to know in high school, well I didn't really f*ck with him back then because he was a herb. But you know how sh*t kind of evens out after awhile. Anyway he's like, "I could see you as a millionaire". Pause. I give dude a funny *ss look and say "What?" So he starts going on about how easy it is to get money these days and all this other ying yang. After like 5 minutes and me trying to speed him along while looking annoyed, he gives me the inside scoop. Keep in mind, the n*gg*'s standing outside of Taco Bell in front of a beat up Honda. The deal is you gotta pay a couple hundred for some b*llsh*t and get 5 people to do the same. They in turn recruit 5 people and so on and so forth. You get 5% of everybody's' dough too. Oh yeah you keep doing this until you get 5,000 people under your belt, at which point you would start receiving a check for $100 every month. Anyway before he went in and started his shift he hit me with some real *ss sh*t. He said, "Yo, if you see somebody do something successful in business, just follow them, do the same thing, that's how McDonalds' always works." Even though it made no sense in relation to what he was talking about, I realized that sh*t is true. And you know what else I realized, that's what's wrong with music (the sh*t I listen to anyway) right now. You know how before a rapper drops their album they gotta go on about how they're Alpo before he snitched, been getting that bread on the streets, are a straight hustler, and still got bricks for 10 Grand each. See, m*th*rf*ck*rs peeped the blueprint and now that's all we get. Right now Jay-z's story is the main one n*gg*s are following. Sh*t they're already trying to call T.I. the "Jay-Z of the South". Not to digress but what's good with Swizz Beats using Hov's old lines for hooks on his beats? Ain't it kind of early for that sh*t? For real though franchising is the American way. See something successful and copy that sh*t step for step. What do we really expect from the music business anyway? It's just business.

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