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Monday, February 07, 2005
  Master P And Silkk The Shocker: Straight Publicity Hounds And Herbs
Something's not right about the recent arrest of Percy "Master P" Miller and his brother Vyshonn "Silkk the Shocker" Miller. It seems like Master P and Silkk the Shocker were stopped while driving near UCLA's campus in a leased Chrysler 300 with no license plates. During the traffic stop, officers found two loaded guns. One gun was by Silkk and the driver's seat and the other was found under Master P's seat. The fact that the car didn't have license plates is bad enough, but if you're really expecting something to pop off, why is the gun under the seat? All that's gonna lead to is a gun charge. Plus any 'tru thug from da hood' will tell you," ride with the gun in arms reach or just stash it". What good is a gun under the seat when your brains are on top of the dashboard? Master P knows that sh*t. All that leads me to think mofo's planned that sh*t for the publicity. P knows that the only thing he and The Shocker are gonna get is probation, if that. Shit, duke even plugged 2 albums that he's releasing through Koch in his statement about the situation talking about, "What did they expect me to be carrying? A can of Mace? If you really want the real story, pick up The Truth (his group TRU's upcoming album) on February 22nd, and my upcoming solo record, The Ghetto Bill Gates.". I guess he still hasn't grasped the fact that nobody gives a f*ck about No Limit anymore.
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Master P And Silkk The Shocker: Straight Publicity Hounds And Herbs