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Monday, February 14, 2005
  Rap News Review: The Come Up Part 3 Mixtape DVD

the come up pt
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The Come Up Part 3 starts with a message from Dirty Money CEO Fendi and J Platinum to b*tch *ss n*gg*s, telling them to "turn it off if they're not smoking a fatty, getting sucked off, holding a 9 or counting a stack". Besides that corny sh*t, this is hot. Matter fact I think this is the best one so far. Murda Mook starts it off right with some witty punchlines spit a capella. He gets through 3 different freestyles. In one he says some slick sh*t about murdering Jadakiss after he calls him his favorite rapper. Towards the end of the video Murda Mook gets another chance to shine and f*cks it up over weak production. D-Block soldier Jae Hood does a video and discusses his upcoming video and the grind. You know the song where some foreign dude is singing,"Killa Cam", that was on all Cam's and the Diplomats mixtapes and the Purple Haze album? Well you finally get to see him when Cam'ron performs at the Apollo. I could have swore duke was African but it turns out his face is chalky, pale and pasty as hell and he looks Romanian or some sh*t. Anyway Camron does like 2 or 3 songs with Dame Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke watching and then Juelz Santana and Jim Jones come out. They also bring the little kid who sings the hook on the S.A.N.T.A.N.A. song from Diplomatic Immunity 2 out. At the end of the song the kid tells Cam he has to go to school in the morning and asks for his money so he can go home. Camron pulls out a big *ss stack and little man snatches it and dips offstage. One thing I can say about this Dvd is they keep the talking to a minimum. There's mad videos and stage performances and alot of unsigned dudes get a chance to put it down. Stack Bundles aka Seymour Cake reps Red Fern Houses in Far Rockaway, Queens, Gravy shines for Bed Stuy and Jae Hood hollas D-Block on their song New York, New York Pt. 2. Stack Bundles next scene is ended early when his n*gg*s start busting shots in front of the building. Of course Gravy gets mad exposure on this m*th*rf*ck*r. And don't sleep, Gravy got some sh*t too. Gravy and Fendi talk to the camera on the Brooklyn Bridge and do a few videos before they announce Dirty Money just got a deal through Warner Brothers for 3.5 million. Littles gets his chance to get at Prodigy, Illa Ghee and Alchemist with a song whose chorus goes, "I'm not sorry for not stopping niggas from slapping Alchemist and taking his chain". I guess this is where everybody got the idea about Mobb Deep breaking up, with Littles rapping about how Prodigy thought he was better solo and turned his back on Havoc and all. At the end he goes into a long *ss tirade against P. Damn I guess he's really mad. Papoose gets off in a video of his own and Uncle Murda from GMG does two videos and flows over Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot". Jae Millz shows up to take the cameraman to a T.I. concert at the Apollo. Shea Davis aka Punch, who will be featured on Rap News: Who's Next Part 3, rips a quick freestyle. Look out for this dude, for real. It's funny as hell when battle rapper Lux goes up against somebody in his crew and damn near gets chewed. Un, Verbal, Donna Black, some chick from Bridgeport, Conneticut who says, "F*ck Queens" while standing on Jamaica Ave., and VIP from Cali all make appearances. VIP swears he's hood as f*ck but keeps looking back and forth like crazy, with some big *ss eyes, while he's standing on that dark street in Brooklyn. They run into Red Cafe coming out of a corner store in Brooklyn and he's flashing mad cash and talking reckless. One crazy thing about this video is the number of incriminating statements mofos make. I guess they didn't hear what happened in Baltimore. Dirty Money keeps it hood though and like I said this might be the Best Come Up Dvd Dirty Money made. There's mad freestyles, little talking and you even get the chance to see what 50 Cent was talking about when he says dudes have been saying sh*t on these Dvds. I won't give it away, just watch for the part where they talk to Jadakiss and then he performs with Ja Rule and Fat Joe.

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Rap News Review: The Come Up Part 3 Mixtape DVD