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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
  Rap News: Who's Next Part 3 and Other Questions (to be con.)
  1. Aasim: Word is Big Pun was gonna trying to sign duke before he died and I believe it. When I first heard his song "Stress" I was mad impressed, it was the usual sh*t, for real. But after signing with Diddy, the only question is Will he end up dead, in church or in prison?
  2. Mike Jones: I don't really f*ck with country *ss rappers and I haven't heard too much raw sh*t from him. And he beefed with my n*gg* Chamillionaire, who's about to drop in the summer, but I gotta admit some of his sh*t sounds aight and he's real enough to put his number on the internet. Being that Houston is the next city to blow you're probably gonna really start hearing this dude. Bur f*ck hearing him, if you see him ask him Why the f*ck do you keep repeating sh*t?
  3. Bathgate: Yo remember when he ripped that 'Evening, is a time of day' sh*t on that Clue Mixtape? Well dude should have been blown up. I guess label politics had him f*ck*d up. Even though he's not as bad as Angelous or Sacario, Why does he gotta try to sound like Hova?
  4. Shea "Punch" Davis: Dude is fire and I'm gonna be the first to openly say he's hot. His flow is mad raw and needs to be polished but he got crazy energy with his sh*t. He already got the street credibility in New York, but Can he stay out of the bing long enough to get a deal?
  5. Remy Martin: I've been feeling her ever since I first heard her on Big Pun's last album, Yeeeah Baby. And being that she writes her own rhymes, besides the lines she bites from Jay-Z, she's probably the best rapper in Terror Squad. Here something to think about though, If Jean Grae wasn't stuck underground, would Remy Ma still be the so-called "Hottest Bitch on The Market?
  6. Red Cafe: This n*gg* can be seen draped in red, flossing different color ice, and flashing mad cash, while implying it's drug money, on just about every mixtape dvd including Smack, The Come Up and All Access. Besides the stunting and the fact that he was supposed to drop every year for the past 7, that's my n*gg*. Shit, I even remember the group he was in called Da Franchise with Dirty Money's Gravy back in like '96. All I wanna know is, After ripping damn near every mixtape I heard him on, Why did he drop that bubblegum sh*t for the Coach Carter soundtrack?

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Rap News: Who's Next Part 3 and Other Questions (to be con.)