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Friday, February 04, 2005
  Tray Dee of Tha Eastsidaz Gets 12 years in Prison

tray d
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Remember Snoop's gangbanging *ss group Tha Eastsidaz? Well the old one, Tray Dee aka Tracy Lamar Davis was sentenced to 12 years after pleading guilty to shooting at an occupied vehicle. Prosecutors dropped two counts of assault with a semiautomatic weapon and one count of possession of a firearm as part of the plea bargain. The f*ck*d up thing is he got all that time and didn't even hit nobody. I know some dumb *ss*s are gonna look at this as rap just showing it's true colors but mofo's still gotta live they life. This ain't got nothing to do with Hip Hop, even though duke was probably still mad at Snoop for raping him on the record deal. But sh*t just happens.

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Tray Dee of Tha Eastsidaz Gets 12 years in Prison