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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  Ja Rule Hit With $ 4 Million Civil Suit
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Almost a week ago Ja Rule pleaded guilty to an assault for an incident that took place at La Rouge Nightclub in Toronto, June 2004. The R.U.L.E. was facing a charge of assault causing bodily harm, which could have resulted in jail time. He said he was provoked by a crowd that had formed near him at the nightclub, shouting "derogatory" comments about his feud with 50 Cent, said prosecutor Mary Humphrey, reading from an agreed statement of facts. As he was leaving, he punched someone standing nearby. The dude ended up with a black eye and some cuts to the eyelid. Well, now the Brampton, Ontario man has filed a $4 million lawsuit. Sh*t, now I see what Ja was talking about on SMACK 7, where he said he had to pay off a couple lawsuits due to the beef with 50. I guess he didn't think it would get this deep. I wonder if this is a part of 50 Cent's diabolical plan to bankrupt The Inc. and Ja Rule and then sign him to G-Unit as a replacement for The Game.
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Ja Rule Hit With $ 4 Million Civil Suit