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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
  Lil' Cease And Banger Deny Snitching On Lil' Kim
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Lil' Cease: We wasn't in there telling on her, cause she didn't do nothing for us to tell on. The people that actually did things already copped out to it, they already got sent away. So this should have been over and done already, but now she's on trial for lying to the grand jury. She said she didn't know certain people, and they got evidence together that she did know them. So we got subpoenaed and had to come in and testify again to what was already on the record. The people she said she didn't know, we know those people too. So if we didn't go up there and tell the truth that just means we go to jail. Why would I go up there and jeopardize myself like that, for someone who's not even on good terms with me, who doesn't even mess with me?
Banger: Everything we said is already known and proven. They have videotapes, phone conversations, pictures, how am I gonna go against that and go with her story, when I don't even know her story? She don't f#@$ with me, I don't f#@$ with her, so I don't even know what she said. I can only go in there and say the truth of what I saw.
Read the sh*t here.
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