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Friday, March 04, 2005
  Lil' Cease And Capone Talk!
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What the f*ck is going on? Capone and Lil' Cease testified in court yesterday against Lil' Kim. Neither of these dudes faced any time and still couldn't keep their mouths closed. Lil' Cease, real name James Lloyd, said Kim told him she had a relationship with Damion Butler, the same dude she told the feds she didn't see at the shooting. "Somebody approached him, they was conversating," Cease said of Capone and a member of Kim's entourage. "I heard a shot after and everybody got down on the floor. Some ran ... I got down on the floor. Kimberly Jones, she was on the floor next to me." Cease also said he did not see who was busting off, but he, Lil' Kim and other members of the entourage, jumped into a limo and went back to Lil' Kim's Englewood, N.J., home. Butler joined them later, he said. "Everybody was talking about how crazy it was that it just went down," he told jurors. Capone, real name Kiam Holley, told jurors that when he arrived at the station, Kim and her entourage were leaving the building. "Some guy came up and said, `You got a problem with Kim?"' Capone testified. "I said, `Nah, I ain't got no problem with Kim." Capone said he ran to a subway station and never called the police after gunfire erupted. One of his associates was wounded when shots were fired. Capone even got into a little rap history by letting everyone know that he and Kim were discovered by the Notorious B.I.G. He says he never joined Biggie's Brooklyn-based entourage because of his lineage to Queens. These n*gg*s shouldn't ever mention B.I.G.'s name again. I know he wouldn't approve of them helping to send his bottom b*tch to the clink!
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