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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
  Rap News Update:50 Cent vs The Game, Jadakiss, Nas and Fat Joe
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For those who don't know sh*t went haywire on Tuesday at Hot 97.1 in New York. 50 Cent had already voiced his opinions about Ja Rule, Nas, Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Now he really brought the beef home by including one of his own minions, G-Unit thug actor The Game, in it. I won't go into everything that's wrong with The Game, but let's just say I seen this coming. Anyway Fat Joe got a chance to defend himself on Kay Slay's show while Jadakiss pleaded his case on Clue's show yesterday. Truthfully I smell fear with those two, the dudes might have made a song with Ja but they don't wanna have their careers wrapped up like him. Just listen to these guys on the radio, 50 got 'em copping out. Talking about,"He might sell more records, but...", Come on, get some heart, it took ya'll n*gg*s mad long to respond. Flat out, The Game is Finished. I knew Fifty wrote all his sh*t anyway!
Note:This is all promotion for 50 Cent,the leaking of half of The Massacre, the sudden appearance of the ill underground video for Disco Inferno and the neverending beef just equal more dollars for 50 Cent. I mean sh*t duke even got a video game coming out.
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Rap News Update:50 Cent vs The Game, Jadakiss, Nas and Fat Joe