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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  The Source Supports Al Sharpton's Plan to Ban Violent Rappers
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Last week, Rev. Al Sharpton proposed a 90-day ban on radio and TV airplay for any rapper who engages in violence. This came a week after 50 Cent kicked The Game out of G-Unit and a member of The Game's crew was wounded during a shooting outside Hot 97 in New York, where 50 was on the air, announcing that he was kicking him out of G-Unit. Sharpton wrote, in a letter to major music conglomerates, that violence in the music industry is being cynically used by some for record and CD sales at the expense of romanticizing violence to young Americans. Note: 50 Cent is No. 1 on Billboard's Top 100 Albums Chart while The Game is No. 5. Now Source magazine co-owner Dave Mays has announced that the publication was supporting Reverend Al Sharpton's effort to ban violent artists for 90 days. In a statement issued by Mays he said, "It is inspiring to see that Rev. Al Sharpton is speaking out against the crisis of corporate manipulation of violence in the Hip-Hop industry, which is benefiting the bottom line of a few major conglomerates." Mays also stated that The Source didn't approve of censorship, but is opposed to rappers using violence to boost sales. Here's two questions, who will this affect more, the executives that really profit from this or the artist and does Dave Mays figure this is a way to get at Eminem and friends? Sh*t, he knows it won't affect Benzino, he doesn't sell records.
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The Source Supports Al Sharpton's Plan to Ban Violent Rappers