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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  This Whole Rap Sh*t is Boring as Hell!
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The reason that picture's there is because he's one of the few new dudes I'm feeling in this rap game. Here's some sh*t I was reading from hiphopgame.com that's funny as hell and true:

So everyone's throwing disses now. And they're all wack. Fuck the whole situation. 12 year-old girls in a pillow fight hit harder than this shit. 50 Cent is more for the children than Wu-Tang ever was. For real, what grown man would have "Candy Shop" bumping in their system? Or even "Gatman and Robin?" C'mon, this shit isn't music. Saigon makes music. Stimuli makes music. 50 Cent makes sing-a-longs.Everyone knew "Piggybank" was coming, why did it sound like Jada and Joe had just written their disses. Why even respond? That's only helping 50. Everyone knows 50's a snitch that lives in Connecticut that has more bodyguards than Martha Stewart, yet his albums still sell.
Seriously, think about Hip Hop today. It's kid music. The majority of music put out is just immature, boastful shit taken to another level. Instead of the playground bully taking your lunch money, they're kidnapping your moms instead. Everyone's so concerned about dropping punchlines and club songs that making good music is not even a focus or concern. As long as the hooks are catchy that's all people seem to care about…
And labels are a whole 'nother pile of dog shit. For real, with all my experience dealing with labels, it's become blatantly clear that people working at Hip Hop know nothing about Hip Hop!!! At one label meeting I sat in on, one of the interns had no idea who Shells was…no idea!!! If you pay any attention to Hip Hop, how do you not at least know the name, I mean dude's been on a million mixtapes…these labels are full of horse shit. Another funny thing, at a music conference my boy went to lately, the top A&R's say they listen to what their interns bring them…not to rat anyone out, but their fucking interns come to me for music. Here's what they probably do. They come to me, check Kay Slay's track listing, maybe holla at another DJ or two, see who the Source featured, and then report back to their bosses like they've done work. HipHopGame breaks artists. Remember last year when only a few people were fucking with Saigon, Stimuli, and Grafh…now look where they all are…fucking dickriders…to any kids who want to work for a label, don't. Being at a label one day is too much for me…
Take your favorite mixtape rapper. Now give them the test Saigon put me up on. If you can name 5 of their songs, they're more than a mixtape rapper. If all they do is freestyles, they're trash. Anyone can do a freestyle. Now look at some of the dudes ripping mixtapes. Jae Millz - one song "No No No" Stack Bundles - can't think of any A-Team - That's My Dude Grafh - Bang Out, God As My Witness, Food, Damage Is Done, In Those Jeans (Remix). So far Grafh's the only one to pass. Murda Mook - none Maino - Questions...you get the point...dudes are buzzing off of being on mixtapes, not making music!!! What type of shit is that???
Another thing I'll never understand is ghost-producing. I know producers want to get on and make money, but there has got to be a point where you're just pimping yourself…I would never want to make a beat that sounds like Timbaland produced it, give it to any one of Star Trak's trash artists, and hear them shouting out Timbaland. That's like taking the time to have a good relationship with a girl, you know, dinners, movies, all that shit, and then giving her to your boss to fuck for a while. And then on the other side of the scam you got Timbaland who is sitting back not doing shit paying people to make beats so he can sell it to a Jay-Z and get paid off of it…but worst of all, all the fans get cheated by actually believing that Dr. Dre or Timbaland made a certain beat…
So was Jay dissing Game on the radio? I don't really know and who the fuck really cares…
Props to Scram for working with Freeway…Free laid down a tight verse, but one thing I will never understand is when he says, "there's a lot of rappers trying to sound like Free." Who the fuck is trying to sound like they rhyme with their nuts stuck in a vice grip??? C'mon man. The only two that can pull off the whole high-pitched voice thing is Ghostface and Poison Pen…can u imagine Beanie Sigel in the booth yelling to his engineer, "this is just a demo take, I'm raising my voice a little higher so I can sound like Freeway!!!" Even Bow Wow and Romeo have a deeper voice than Free…I like Free's music, but please don't ever, ever, ever say that people are trying to sound like you. They're not.
So Maino and Gravy are beefing…does anyone really care?
Hey, do you remember Big Sty? Can you believe it's only been one year since Big Sty came out with that song dissing everyone with such classic lines as "I'll throw a grenade through your sunroof" and "you say you're God's Son, we'll I'll make you see God, son." Where the fuck did he go? That's what happens when you come into this industry on controversy…you leave as quick as you came. I remember the radio station I was at last year had the vinyl of that song too…remember Big Sty…
I really don't understand this Game phenomenon. I guess if everyone says you're hot, then you must be hot. I think Game has little people running around telling everyone that Game is hot, and people are just believing the shit without even listening to him…and some people e-mailed me telling me to stop hating on Game and that I'll never reach his level of success…well…I don't want his level of success…I have no aspirations to be a platinum rapper…I have no aspirations to go on "Love Connection"…and I have no aspirations to be a stripper…so that being said…I'm not a fan of Game, and I don't want to be Game…
Another thing people were saying was to stop hating on Lil' Wayne going back to college because he is setting a good example for kids…ummm…no he's not…by taking one damn class a semester, he's on pace to graduate in 2025…I don't think that's a good example…you want role models, look at athletes like Michael Strahan, don't look at these rappers…
If I get one more demo from a squeaky-voiced kid talking about his "gat" I think I'm gonna smash the cd and send it back…for real…you can tell when the shit is fake, and then when it is verrrry fake. If you don't shoot people, don't rap about shooting people, and if you do shoot people, don't rap about it because you'll just get yourself put in jail…bottom line, if you rap about shooting people than you're either lying or you're just dumb as shit…

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