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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  Raffle: Time 100, Houston's Best Kept Secret, and What Rakim Told Me
Remember Common's ex-wife? The one that goes by the name of Hip Hop...Well, she found herself in the latest list concocted by Time Magazine. The top 100 includes your favorite rapper's favorite duo, OutKast, as well as the self-proclaimed god MC, Jay-Z. Shame on all those naysayers who never gave Rap a chance in the first place, simply because they couldn't understand the concept of people talking over music.

In a non-related development, C-Rayz Walz, a keynote underground MC has been enlisted by MTV to serve as a Freestyle Mentor in the next episode of Made. The Freestyle specialist will be serving up some recipes to his student, an aspiring rapper. Look for C-Rayz when Made airs on June 10.

To those Hip Hop fans who love to get their knowledge on - Go pick up the Wu-Tang Manual by The RZA and Rakim Told Me:Hip Hop Wax Facts... by Brian Coleman, Boston-based journalist who also hosts XXL's Classic material column. The former is the Wu-Tang fan's ultimate guide to The 36 Chambers: lyrics and their meanings, extensive profile of every member of the Clan, and group bio; while the latter chronicles Rap's golden era with concise details. I picked up a copy of the Wu-Tang manual at Barnes and Nobles and I must admit that it exceeded my expectations.

Another crew with plans of toppling all expectations is the creative bunch at Shady Records. Pharoahe Monch, the new Shady-signee will release an album that'll be Executive-produced by Denaun Porter(Kon Artis). The wait has officially began for us Pharoahe fans.
And for those asking questions about Obie Trice, his sophomore album Murder City is bound to hit the Hip Hop nation this winter with more devastation than the Tsunami.

Now onto, the main feature of the day: Houston's Best Kept Secret. If you're from the H-Town, that expression is all you need to know that Godwon is the man in discussion. And, if you haven't heard of Godwon, then you must be living in the newly discovered planet. His flow is crisp and impeccable, his cadence, riveting. Godwon is the definitive MC with a great deal of appreciation for the art. Artistic prowess apart, he has enough backing to crash a brick wall. There have been rumors of Shady Records, Universal, and other labels striving to sign this billion-dollar talent. He's also cosigned by The Authentic King of The South, Mr. Scarface himself. See Godwon in the Geto Boys video for The G Code.

That's a rap folks. Stay tuned to Rap News for more up to date info-tainment.

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Raffle: Time 100, Houston's Best Kept Secret, and What Rakim Told Me